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As internationally-trained educators ourselves, we are dedicated to utilize our technical expertise and our ability to invest in the filed to bring about the empowerment and the development in the education sector in Cambodia. We bring in international-standard education to our students.
Education & STEM

Davitra Institute

A tertiary education institute located on one of Cambodia’s largest multi-purposed campuses (8-hectare-campus) which aims to be the leader in skill development and empowerment. We believe that excellent education is crucial for both personal and career development. In addition to the excellent education, our students will be instilled with “Virtue”. The combination of excellent education and virtue will enable our students to pursue excellence in their careers and lives.

Our courses are taught and designed by industry’s professionals/practitioners. They are aimed to offer our students with essential skills to be future leaders in their respective industry.

Our high-quality facilities (swimming, sports grounds, studio, cafeteria, café, dorms) in the state-of-the-art campus offers our students with not only high-quality education, but an enjoyable learning experience and extracurricular activities.

Education & STEM

Apitor Cambodia

Apitor is the new generation educational robotic kit built to enhance kid’s creativity, skills and knowledge related to STEM. Apitor is a STEM toy which enables kids to unleash their creativity through constructing their own robots. Our robots are programmable which allows kids to gain knowledge in graphical coding via Blockly and Scratch.

At Apitor Cambodia, we believe that the acquisition of STEM knowledge begins with the love of STEM. The love of STEM among children should be cultivated at a very young age. As one of the very first robotic kits introduced to Cambodia, Apitor fulfill its promise to the children and their parents by making the learning of science fun and enjoyable at the most affordable price. In addition to STEM knowledge, Apitor is the type of toy which allows children to play and communicate with their parents, siblings and friends. Thus, Apitor enhances both cognitive development and interpersonal skills of the children.