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Music and motion picture are the backbones of arts and entertainment. We take part in empowering the arts and entertainment industry through the engagement with artists and young talents in Cambodia. We provide a platform for the artists to express their creativity and showcase their talents. We take part in bringing Cambodian arts to the international arena.


Davitra Media

Davitra Media is a Cambodian music production established in 2019. Davitra Media aims to bring the audiences the taste of original Khmer music. On our way to contribute to strengthen Khmer art and music industry, Davitra Media has been working with top Khmer artists, composers, producers, and has cultivated young talents in the industry.

At Davitra Media, we strongly believe that cultivating young and emerging artists and providing a platform for Cambodian artists and producers to express their creativity and to share their original ideas are key contributions to the enhancement of Cambodia’s music industry.


Koh Slaket Studios

Inspired by Khmer’s rich heritage and culture, Koh Slaket Studio aims to celebrate the glorified Khmer arts & music and to introduce the beauty of Khmer motion picture and music to both Khmer and international audiences.

Koh Slaket Studio welcomes cooperation from potential domestic and international partners in both motion picture and music industries. As Cambodian’s largest music and motion picture studio, Koh Slaket Studio is the only studio in Cambodia which has the capability to produce studio of surround sound quality for film and music.


Khmer Moha Somnang

Khmer Mohasomnang is a leading legal lottery operator which has been granted legal permit from the Royal Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Khmer Mohasomnang has the potential to provide many job opportunities for Cambodians across 25 provinces and cities of Cambodia. We are committed to provide our players with a fair and safe entertainment experience. As part of our corporate social responsibility, Khmer Mohasomnang is taking a leading role in arranging numerous charity events across all 25 provinces and cities in the Kingdom of Cambodia.