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Davitra Media Investing Millions of Dollars to Bring World-Class Studio to Cambodia

(Phnom Penh): Davitra Media, a Cambodian music production company which produces only original songs, is the very first production to invest millions of dollars in constructing a world-class studio on a 10-hectare compound.

This music production is the very first local production which has been investing millions of dollars to build a fully-equipped and luxurious studio (System Recording Studio) using world’s renown brands such as AVID S3, AVID PROTOOLS DOCK, Avid Pro Tools., Genelec, Slate Digital, Neumann U67, Dangerous Music Complete Mixing & Mastering System, customized Mac Pro, Pro Display XDR, and other well-known brands in their studio named “Koh Slaket Studios”.

Beside investing to purchase the studio’s equipment which is worth half a million dollars or equivalent to two 570 Kuru Lexus(es), Davitra Media has also been investing millions of dollars in constructing world-class studio accordance with international standards and techniques used by other world-class studios. In addition to these, Davitra Media also has both indoor and outdoor audio and video recording studios.

With these multi-million dollars’ investments, Davitra Media has a highly experienced team who are fully capable to utilize all the world-class materials, builds tudios, produces music and videos.