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Davitra Media Releasing a New Song Using the First World-Class Production Studio in Cambodia

To celebrate the first world-class studio in Cambodia, Davitra Media, a Cambodian-owned production company known for producing original songs, is planning to release a new song which describes the beauty of tourist destinations in Cambodia.

This song is being produced to promote the arts, culture, and traditions of Cambodia while Cambodia is preparing to re-open her tourism to welcome domestic and international tourists who have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Mr.Soy Ratana, a talented and experienced artist who is the author of this song, decided to name the song “ខ្មែរមានគ្រប់សព្វ”, which is “Khmer Has Everything” in English. He said that this is the song which embodies a deep meaning and describes the characteristics of Khmer people who possess a unique civilization. In addition, this song will be sung by many singers of the Davitra Media.

Mr. Meng Bunlo, a former actor as well as singer, and a member of the team at Koh Slaket Studio stated that Koh Slaket Studio is the first international studio in Cambodia.

He also said that Davitra Media is preparing to include many types of traditional Khmer instruments in the song to instill Khmer musical elements and give a more beautiful sound because this song is produced by real Khmer producer.

“ខ្មែរមានគ្រប់សព្វ” will be released soon on the Komsan App, Davitra’s own music application which offers high sound quality. The Komsan App was jointly developed by Davitra Media. The song will also will also be available on Davitra Media Youtube channel and other social media channels. For more information, please contact 09688888 11.