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Davitra Media Investing Millions of Dollars to Bring World-Class Studio to Cambodia

(Phnom Penh): Davitra Media, a Cambodian music production company which produces only original songs, is the very first production to invest millions of dollars in constructing a world-class studio on a 10-hectare compound. This music production is the very first local production which has been investing millions of dollars to build a fully-equipped and luxurious studio…

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Davitra Media Releasing a New Song Using the First World-Class Production Studio in Cambodia

To celebrate the first world-class studio in Cambodia, Davitra Media, a Cambodian-owned production company known for producing original songs, is planning to release a new song which describes the beauty of tourist destinations in Cambodia. This song is being produced to promote the arts, culture, and traditions of Cambodia while Cambodia is preparing to re-open her…

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